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Introducing Woodtech Studio
Healthy Home
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Healthy Home!
A home is more than just an existence within walls. And breathing life into it is what we do best. A first-of-its-kind panting experience where you are assured of innate healthiness, superior smoothness, a glossy look and a creamy finish.

VOCs and how they affect you:

‘Fresh paint smell’ is nothing but VOC emissions from volatile chemicals like diethyl phthalate and dibutyl. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemical substances that are emitted as gases from freshly-painted walls. They vaporize at room temperature, leading to various health hazards.
Bella Coating offers a full range of products, in the field of decorative paints, which includes water based paints, solvent based paints and solvent free coatings. With own research and development team and vast international market experience, Bella coating have developed wide range of own products on below...
Bella Impressions Ideas, has been developed to add to the "Wow" experience on your walls by offering variety and transformation of simple areas into magical experiences. Impressions Ideas is a special effect designer series paint that creates a variety of designs on interior walls in Matt finish

it’s not just a home, it’s your personal space where dreams take shape. And our professional painting services will turn that dream into a reality. From planning to execution, the Bella Home Stylers will blend seamlessly into your home improvement project and mesmerize you You can fill in your details right here to avail our professional painting services.